Aquarium Lights Controler + Food Feeder + Temperature Monitor + Cayenne


About This Project

Hi Love Aquariums, I Have i 200 L Aquarium inside i wall in my Apartment. I have been looking into automation of my tank for a few months now and I have now invested in my first Raspberry Pi and hooked it up to Cayenne.

The first phase will be to only turn on/off lights on/off, turn on/off the Fish Feeder and monitor the tank temperature via Cayenne.

The second phase is to connect monitor the quality of the water, PH, KH, etc.

What’s Connected

1 Raspberry PI
1 DS18B20
1 Four Relay Board

Triggers & Alerts

Temperature sensor - monitors temperature of the tank, with an alert for high and low extremes.


Food 1 one time week 1 minute food feeder is running

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

Smart Aquarium Raspberry Pi 3

COOL project! The fish tank looks like professional installation, very impressive. Do you have idea which sensors you are going to use for phase 2 of the aquarium? It may help to make a post in Cayenne forum about recommended sensors that work well.

Thank you for sharing!



The next phase will be water Level, and water PH Values. The Food Feeder is connect to the Relay Board.


Hi @oliveiraped,

Super job!

I love the generous use of electrical and duct tape :slight_smile:


Hi.good day.
Thanks for notification



I am very curious on how you go with adding the pH probe. I am planning to do something similar but I cannot get my head around on how to read the values :frowning: