Smart Aquarium Raspberry Pi 3

About This Project

This is a work in progress so any feedback or help would be appreciated.

I have always thought about how cool it would be to be able to monitor my aquarium from my PC but never though i’d have the knowledge to make it happen. I purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 last year and have done various non aquarium related projects with it. After giving it some thought i decided to purchase a temperature sensor and try monitor my aquarium temp. Before i met Cayenne i was logging my temps to a Sqlite database but not having any experience with coding i gave up trying to figure out how to get my data on a website with graphs and all that jazz.

Cayenne opened up a new world for me i love how easy it is to have all the data and control with no coding involved.

So now i am starting my new Smart Aquarium project… well phase one of it anyway. Phase one will do the following:

1 - Monitor the temperature with email alerts when too high or too low.
2 - Turn ON/OFF the lights at set times.
3 - Control power to the external filter ON/OFF
4 - Control power to the heater ON/OFF
5 - Control power to the wavemaker ON/OFF

What’s Connected

Following hardware is installed

Raspberry Pi 3 Connected via Ethernet
4 Channel Relay
DS18B20 Waterproof Temperature Sensor
3.3v Buzzer

A diagram of the project phase 1 project:

Triggers & Alerts

I will have an alert if the temperature gets too high of too low (via email i cant get SMS to work yet)
The temperature will also have an audio alarm using the buzzer if it gets to high or low.
I will also set up a trigger to shut power to the aquarium heater at 30C or higher to protect against the heaters internal thermostat getting stuck in the ON setting.


The lights will triggered daily at 1400 to turn ON and triggered again at 2200 to turn OFF.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

Coming soon…


Coming soon…


Hi @EricHarden,

:slight_smile: Cayenne team loves to hear this. Stick around, we are developing some very cool features for you and the rest of the Cayenne community.

You’ve definitely come to the right place for this project. Please keep us updated with your progress and ask for help if you need it. If you haven’t already seen these projects, here are some smart aquarium projects that you might also find interesting. .


Here is the first draft of the project box enclosure i plan to use for my project. I hope to get it 3D printed soon.

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Nice box! I used to use ethernet ports for my projects but after I found these I won’t go back I specifically got these 5 pin connectors but you can get 8 pin connectors too. Just use cat5 as wire.

By the way @EricHarden, there is a home automation contest going on with lots of cash prizes. You should enter this for the contest :slight_smile: Just need to add an Arduino somewhere in the mix!