Support for other sensors


Hi, does the Cayenne support other sensors like ultra sonic sensors (HC-SR04) or other temperature sensors? Or are we limited to the ones offered today…



Welcome to Cayenne!

Are you using a Pi or Arduino?


Arduino UNO…Rather new to it as well.


You can use any sensor you want with Arduinos!


To expand on this a bit, there are generic digital and generic analog widgets you can add to read basically anything you send from the Arduino. I believe I saw a while back the Cayenne team is also working on a string widget to pass strings to the dashboard.


And how it goes with the Pi?


You can use the MQTT API for unsupported sensors on the Pi. Here is an example of using DHT11 and DHT22 DHT11/DHT22 with Raspberry Pi

You can take this idea and insert any python code to send values from other sensors.