Raspberry Pi LoRa Gateway for MyDevices

My current LoRa RaspBerry Pi based gateway is configured to work with Loriot.
How could I configure it to send the data to Cayenne´s server directly, if possible?

To connect LoRa devices to Cayenne you still need a LoRa gateway and network as Cayenne acts as the application server. It should be fine that the gateway is a Raspberry Pi as this is supported by Loriot and Cayenne should function with any Loriot-supported gateway device.

We do support the following devices on the Loriot network: Cayenne Docs

If you follow the steps in this documentation, you should be able to add any of those devices to Cayenne. Several of them you’ll be able to skip since it sounds like you’re already running on the Loriot network, but please follow it from start to finish as there are several configuration steps necessary before the device can be added to your Cayenne dashboard.

Thanks for your reply.
Understood, so I´m gonna need Loriot anyway…

What if my device is not in the list of the approved devices? I mean, I just designed a new device. How can I make it compatible with Cayenne? I mean, what is the data format that I could use? Should I make it work with Loriot first, using their APIs?



I’m going to tag @croczey here since he’s the LoRa expert on our team, and should have the best insight on what your next move should be with regard to adding this device to Cayenne.

Hey Thiago,

First off, congrats on designing a new LoRa device!

The best way to start using Cayenne to prototype your new LoRa device is to configure your payload format using the Cayenne Low Power Payload (LPP). The documentation for this payload format can be found here. Once you configure your device to follow this payload, you can add the device to your Cayenne dashboard by following the LoRa “Add Device Process”, selecting “Loriot” as your network server, and then clicking “Cayenne LPP” as the device you would like to add. See the screenshot below for a visual tutorial:

Of course, if you have any questions about this process, or if you run into any trouble, feel free to let me know!

Additionally, if you would like to have your device included in the Cayenne device library, check out the Cayenne IoT Ready Program. From there you can sign up for a free account and submit your device info. The Cayenne team will review your submission, and, upon approval, your device will be listed in the Cayenne UI for our community of over 150,000 users to see!

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Hello @croczey,

Sorry for the delay.

Amazing, it looks simple enough.

I was taking a look at the documentation, and according to that, if I send to my server (LORIOT in this case) the data “03 67 01 10 05 67 00 FF” it would be the information for two temperature sensors, and I´ll be able to display that data in Cayenne´s dashboard, right? In my case, it will be voltage/current/power. I need equivalent IPSO package for that.

Another question is about the data format that is sent from the dashboard to the LoraWAN device. When I hit a switch button in the dashboard, for instance, ON and OFF, what is the data format that is sent? I need to know that to correctly decode in the microcontroller firmware, taking into account that I won´t use the sketch files or libraries.

Best Regards,


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Yep, you’ve got it! We are working to expand the capabilities of the LPP format to include more datatypes (such as voltage, current, and power). For now, you can use analog input for anything that is not supported natively.

Downlink commands coming to the device will follow the same format [channel] [type] [value].

So, for example, if you turn on a digital actuator on channel 1 from the dashboard, the device will receive this payload:

010101 => Channel 1, Digital Output, Value = 1


Great! Thanks for the explanation.

I´ll finish my board design and give it a try.


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Share your project with us and the Cayenne community when you finish :slight_smile: We’d love to see it.