Cayenne Blazing the Trail in IoT! Release Notes 10/28/16

Release Notes 10/28/16

Hello Cayenne Community!

We haven’t had a big release in some time…that’s because we’ve been heads down working hard on a few very exciting features for all of you. One of those features was released this week! And it involves a pretty cool technology called LoRa, which is a LPWAN technolog. Don’t worry, we have extensive documentation so you can read up :slight_smile:

LoRa Integration

NEW! LoRa Integration. You can now add LoRa devices from the Actility Network or Senet network, for FREE! Additional networks being integrated. Cayenne is the FIRST and ONLY IoT player offering a LoRa solution like this…though we are confident others will follow our path :wink:

  • Not sure what LPWAN or LoRa technology is? Read about it here.

  • Have some questions or want to collaborate with the Cayenne LoRa community? Create a post in the new LoRa category.

Feature Enhancements / Bug Fixes

  • NEW! Enhanced Gauge widget, includes ability to customize gauge ranges and min/max…check it out!

  • Arduino scheduling bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where unable to save settings for DS18B20 widget

  • Update to Alerts and Triggers to show min/max and allow user to edit these fields

We are continuing to develop a very big feature that will allow you to bring on any device into Cayenne; the Cayenne MQTT API! Stay tuned for this next week :slight_smile:

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Bring on MQTT!


Will it still run under iOS 9? Our is iOS 10 mandotory to retrieve this update? Still no sign on my iPhone that I can update the Cayenne app…

Ya- I just now looked at LoRa chip solutions.
Find me a tranceiver for less than $22!

Esp12-e and the ESP family has WiFi already built in.
It cost $2.20
Keep your eyes on the prize!

##Give me MQTT -or give me death!
(Patrick Q. Henry)

a local Cayenne server running on a RasPi-3 would be great, too.
-distribute the server software via 1 time $2 “serialized” download,
keyed to the RasPi MAC address, -good for the life of the device.
Then you can charge a (monthly, I suppose) fee for your cloud server
if users prefer your full internet hosted connectivity.

My new home will not have ANY internet access,
but it will be fully wired Gigabit- everywhere.
Security and cams, computer network, remote gates
digital video, entry control system, lighting and landscape
monitoring solarPV, Inverters and remote automatic generator.
-but NO internet access.
It is not possible at this time,
An off-grid home. WAY off-grid.
so I need a stand alone solution.
:slight_smile: Just a thought.

Cayenne definitely has a fanboy in ME!

Great news Cayenne team

Though I am still facing issues with Arduino scheduling.
I have an Arduino Nano connected with a Raspberry PI through usb (serial interface). I have set two schedule jobs to open lights On & Off in daily intervals. It worked for a few days, two weeks ago, but now it doesn’t seem to work at all.
I deleted the scheduling jobs and recreated them, but still not working.
I am using the 1.0.1 version of Cayenne-Arduino-Library, executing the script in extras/scripts/ to communicate with my Arduino Nano.

Also, about MQTT API. I saw in github that you have started publishing the MQTT API libraries.
MQTT will be a major update to Cayenne.
I see that you currently have created API for:

  • Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino (Arduino MQTT library, ethernet/wifi only)
  • Cayenne-MQTT-mbed
  • Cayenne-MQTT-C
  • Cayenne-MQTT-CPP
    It would be nice to have a C# library :slight_smile:

Also, please tell us how the camera support is progressing for raspberry PI :slight_smile:

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I have a treat for you when MQTT is released :wink:

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Awesome. Yeah, my low voltage wiring is goin in this week.
In-wall inspection will be next week.
It had me…worried.


This latest update was only to our web dashboard and backend systems. iOS (and Android) have not been updated yet for LoRa, so as long as you have version 1.5.1 (released Oct 12) of the iOS app then you’re on the latest. There will be updates to both of these apps to support LoRa in the near future, of course.

And yes, iOS 9 is still supported, it’s the minimum version at the moment.


As far as the Arduino scheduling trouble, could you PM me with screenshots of your scheduled events setup? We had some bugs with Arduino scheduling right after we launched it, and I want to see if I can reproduce on my side.

Thanks for looking at my issue, it seems to have been resolved.
Looking forward for all the new features Cayenne is getting in the future :slight_smile:

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The “next week” is here. :slight_smile:
MQTT, please! :alarm_clock:


@grhhhm @costas.petridis @adam @FreV @HighTech @tim2 API is coming! Ran into some issues today, shooting for release sometime tomorrow! Will keep you guys updated :slight_smile:


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I’d be haapy to swap “issues” with you.
You can have MY issues!

-You guys are doin’ an exemplary job!

@tim @HighTech @costas.petridis @FreV Just letting you guys know that we released Beta of MQTT API. Check it out here!

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When i search for the CayenneMQTT library in arduino, it won’t show up. It only shows the Cayenne library but not the CayenneMQTT library for arduino, as shown in the link. Any way to fix this?

Yes, we still need to push out the Arduino MQTT libs :blush: We push them to the Arduino IDE soon and I can update you when we do!


Hi @sivamanda,

In the mean time, you can download the Cayenne Arduino MQTT Libraries here:

Let me know how it goes!


@adam Hi,

I’ve dropped Bestes a message with this, but I’m wondering if you can comment on when or if a local server looks to be happening? I’m wanting to use Cayenne to demonstrate the IoT ability to help someone who is physically or mentally limited to improve their home life and safety.

Thanks for your time.