Trigger email identification text control?



I’m using Agent 2.0 on a raspberry pi with a number of two state sensors. I have set up each sensor with a trigger to send an email when the sensor changes state.

I have named each sensor differently (and it appears as such in the sensor list) and named each trigger differently.


The email text received quotes the channel id rather than the trigger / sensor name - so the email text states:

Channel dev:9orzwCD1sEGvtyr is turned on

Which makes it hard to figure out which channel is which sensor.

How do I amend the email text to provide the sensor effect rather than the channel?



Custom alerts are in the works, but it’s not available yet. @shramiksalgaonkar any idea?


team is working on to put the widget name in place of this. Cant give a ETA.


ok thanks. As I’m sure you are aware the original alerts quoted the trigger name (not the channel).

As another comment, the original also quoted the sensor name in the GPIO screen alongside the pin - making it really clear which pins are being used for which sensors. This seems to have gone from this release.

Anyways - it’s still a great piece of work that you should all be very proud. Thanks


thank you for suggesting this, i will put forward this with the team.