Custom Messages for Trigger notifications

Hi - I have checked to see if this has been raised before.
Would it be possible to have custom messages that users can add into trigger notifications when sent via email or sms ? I find that when a GPIO goes high or low the default notification really just tells me the pin is either on or off, can’t we add a more descriptive meaning for example: “The front gate has been opened” , or The living room lights have switched on" etc…? In my case the pin being off actually can have a state where as an example my front gate is actually open !!!


Hi @adlardb

Makes sense. Will put this in product backlog.

i am wondering that when you will be putting this functionality LIVE(to send custum messages for any trigger!!) or can you suggest me any other way to achieve this… pls reply and most importantly Thanks in Advance!!:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: