Trigger and event

trigger don’t work I try to send massege and email can not be sent can every one help me

you might hit the trigger limit. can you check the trigger counter value.

I checked is every thing is ok

what is the trigger counter value. can you share it here?

any thing is wrong in my trigger

It looks normal to me. Can you check if it has run at all like Shramik suggested? It’s on the main triggers page.


guys do you have any problem in trigger with send massege because I make trigger to sent gmail and text massege , gmail arrived but the text massege did not arrive .

The number has to be in the correct format. @shramik_salgaonkar has helped a few people get it right. PM him your number and he should be able to help out.

can you provide us with what we asked for? what is the trigger counter value? which country are you from?

if value sensor below 24 then sent me massege

please dont share your personal info here. you can PM me or join me on slack

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can you try with only one contact number with the country code +967 added?

I try with +967 don’t send massage gmail is OK

can you try now with a new trigger. delete the previous and add new one.

Thanks shramik it is OK the massege was arrived

can I make my own app by cayenne.
The name of trigger don’t show in gmail or text massege

yes, you can use cayenne Rest API to make your own app.

have a look at this topic.Webhook And IFTTT

means can I make the app here in my devices then translate or transfer to android studio

what do you mean by here?