1 Button, many devices

Hi guys!

Is there a way to configure a button so as to send a message to several devices at once.
(If I press REFRESH in the dashboard, I would like all my connected devices to report their latest status)

This is really easy to accomplish using a typical mqtt broker approach, for example sending this message CMND/+/POWER (topic, TASMOTA style) I can retrieve the “power” status off all my Sonoffs.

Using Triggers could be an option, but it’s an entirely different appoach.
Any ideas?


@eptak / @rsiegel I like this idea. Like device / actuator grouping.

Is there way to do this w/ current Cayenne MQTT topics implementation?


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Great suggestion.
We don’t have official support for that feature, but I’m sure you can use a dedicated channel to trigger the refresh.
Still we miss group / multicast support that we are taking in consideration to update our MQTT API.


Maybe unofficial support?
Just kidding… :laughing:

In my humble opinion, this would take Cayenne to a whole new level. Great mobile app, web dashboard, data logging and full MQTT support. It would be awesome, and simplify things a lot. Instead of triggers, we could use regular mqtt messages to comunicate between devices and receive feedback as we can do with “traditional” mqtt brokers. We could even totaly disregard Rasperry Pi based home automation systems completely! (Well… as long as internet connections are reliable enough)

Really looking forward to this feature!

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