Question mqtt nodered

hi to all, I have a problem with the mqt communication with cayenne.
I’m trying to interface devices with nodered, the data travels smoothly, but the problem remains the buttons. if i try to interact with the string v1 / user / things / password / cmd / chanel but it doesn’t work, disconnect the device on nodered

can you share the node-red flow you are using? The disconnect I guess is because you have two clients running at same time.

yes, this is the problem. I deleted the stream because it didn’t work.
how can i fix it ?!

do you get the disconnect on the node-red or the button keeps on spinning on the cayenne dashboard.

Yes, most likely caused by duplicate clients using the same login info. You will need to have node-red using the Cayenne connection and then your devices should be connecting to the node-red broker.

@adam can you try at your end, controlling only a actuator?

quindi posso condividere i dati dei sensori ma non indirizzare gli stati degli attuatori, ce un modo per aggirare la cosa?!

we are looking into the issue, will let you know when it is fixed.