1wire master controler DS2482-100

Hi ! I’ve looked around a bit and found some topics about DS2482 and find out that is not supported.
Is there a plan in the near future to support it ? it would be real great cause we can use multiple sensors without all the mess of resistors and cables.

Thanks !

P.S.: I just find out cayenne and you are making great job here. Keep up !

Welcome to Cayenne!

You can create your own drivers for the Adruno very easily, check it out! Here’s an example of creating a driver for the DTH11 sensor Dashboard values don’t update

Hi ! I was talking about raspberry…
Need support for breakout boards like this one http://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/breakout-boards/owfs-1-wire/r-pi-i2c-1-wire-owfs-expansion-module- or like this https://www.abelectronics.co.uk/p/60/1-Wire-Pi-Plus.

1 wire temperature sensors can be used for long distances and there are other sensors like iButton for example.While the iButton products are obviously great for identity-based projects, such as door openers and access control, there are 1-Wire devices that provide digital I/O and even analog-to-digital conversion. These can be very useful when designing remote acquisition and control interfaces for your Raspberry Pi.

Why is a DS2482 needed for a DS18B20 when the 1-wire protocol is supported by both Raspbian and Cayenne?

As can be seen in this specacular example by @papapet50-


Just discovered Cayenne mydevices. Sounds very promising, but needs more devices, such as ds2482. To answer above question, ds2482 ( and more precisely ds2482-800) is mandatory when you have a long 1w network, with many ( not far from 100) devices connected… One cannot have so many just on one bus, on gpio4!

As i see still no support for DS2482 - 100 or 800. For me Cayenne mydevices without it is useless cause i use many devices in one bus (over 20) and of course my 1wire network is long. GPIO 4 can’t handle it.

@dim @berliniced I’ve added support for DS2482 to roadmap. Curious, you mentioned around 100 devices connected. What’s your use case, or what are you doing with that many 1-wire devices?


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Basically, I’m mainly into home automation : many temperature devices but also relay drivers (thru ds2408, ds2413 and their chinese clones ‘3a 2100h’), counters (ds2423 : water, electricity), and A/D converters DS2438 : light, pressure, water level in tank, etc).
Currently using something powerfull in terms of automation, but interface lacks friendness, if I can say so.

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I’m using unipi for home automation projects. Most of them have more than 20 sensors for manage central heating, hot water, solar stations and pool pumps.
Unipi have MCP23008 for relays which is supported by Cayenne, MCP3422 which i can live without it and DS2482-100 for long distance 1wire sensors.

It would be great if you can give full support for this board (like you did with piface) but i can settle with less :slight_smile:

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Has there been any further progress supporting DS2482-100? I believe this will sove my problem listed here -