AB Electronics 1 Wire Pi


Is anyone using the 1 Wire Pi from AB electronics https://www.abelectronics.co.uk/kb/article/1043/1-wire-pi
I have it all working on my Raspberry Pi but Cayenne is not seeing any of the 4 temperature sensors I have configured. I have seen reference that as long as the devices are using pin 4, they should just be recognised. I am in no way an expert on GPIO and am just fumbling around with minimal knowledge using the PI but would really like to get the 1wire temperature sensors hanging off the 1 Wire Pi reporting into my Devices. I have them all working locally using owfs so I know everything is configured as should be.

Any pointers would be gratefully received

1wire master controler DS2482-100

I think my problem is that Cayenne does not support DS2482-100 so I have posted a question in that post to see when this will be supported?


If you are comfortable with python programming you can do this now with the MQTT API