2 state widgets state not changing on Android

Hi All

I have a basic configuration on my Arduino mega.
Im testing an actuator (led on/off) with a widget on my progect. Operating the widget from “My Project” screen on the web works great. It turn on/off the led on the arduino and also changes the widget color con the screen.
The problem i have is whenever i try to change the status from my android phone using cayenne app. I see the actuator led widget and I can use it. The led on the arduino changes the status but the widget figura ass OFF, not changing the color.

Any ideas?


everything works fine at my end. can you try closing and opening the app again.

Hi! Thanks a lot for your answer.
I have restarted the phone and its still the same.
I´v tried installing the app on other phone and the same happens.
Any idea ?

can you PM me your email_id.