Actuators dont work on mobile app

Since moving to MQTT i have actuators working in web, but the app is not responding, button switches on or off in the app and changing icon accordingly, but no actual actions is performed (lights are off)

For a short period of time (without me changing anything) on Friday around 22:00h app comands were working without problem, on-off, updating state of the widget in both web and app and everything worked like it should.

Do we wait for application update for resolving some issues or is something else wrong?

I would guess this is probably a server issue if it was working. @rsiegel any known issues here?

Today also around 18:00pm i tested it and it worked from mobile app. Web control is always ok.
I remembered that i had same problem with button widget when using Cayenne Arduino lib,then i added Relay widget with same code instead of button and it was ok in both app and web, maybe this will help.

@Agroelektronik, thanks for posting this. We are not aware of any issues that would cause this, so this would be new. How are things looking right now with mobile actuators?


Mobile is not workng, web works like it should, i have just tryed it.
One more thing i notice just now is if i press the button in app, it changes icon looks to ON, but if with ON state i press settings wheel on that button widget and return back without changing any data the icon changes back to OFF looks/Grayed out.

Which app is this? iOS or Android?

Android, sorry forgot to mention it.

Same problem here. right now in android app but had the same issue in IOS app.

Are you still having problems with actuators? If so can you post your code? Is this a new problem with existing project or never worked?

Sorry I did not notice this post.
Project worked on old lib, everything was fine in both app and web.

On mqtt lib i still have the probem, even after android app updates Actuators dont work on mobile.
On web its ok, it switches and sends button state update to mobile app, on mobile nothing works.
Here is part of the actuator code, the rest is same like on other codes

if (getValue.asInt() == 1) {
digitalWrite(Rel1, LOW);
else {
digitalWrite(Rel1, HIGH);