24 Hour Clock

Maybe is it possible to get 24h time format?

This looks like just an oversight in the Scheduler event creation dialog. We do use 24 hour time on the calendar view, and respect the device regional settings in the iOS app. I think we should just respect the device time in the web version as well, rather than adding any toggles or settings. I’ll share this with our development team, thank you for the feedback!

Don’t know if i get it right, but in iOS there is also AM/PM.

Only in web scheduling shows 24H time…

Weird, on iOS, when I set Settings > General > Date & Time > 24-Hour time on my phone, I see no AM/PM in Cayenne. And my phone is otherwise on USA regional settings as that’s where I am:

It does look like Android is still showing AM/PM however. I’m guessing since you are not in USA you already have that setting set, but can you confirm?

In iOS there is somehow 24H when i set new event time… all other is AM/PM

Odd, I’ll share with our iOS developer and see if he has an idea where that’s coming from. Thanks for the screenshots this will help.

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But how about web? There is also AM/PM…only Scheduling is OK when looking calendar…

I don’t think web is even checking the OS regions, so its a mish-mash of what our developers have implemented. Whether or not we include a toggle, or check the OS time settings, I’m asking them to at least make it consistent.

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Just wanted to add that we figured out that we can reproduce your iOS screenshot with the ‘AM’ by setting the iOS region to Germany. It may be the case for many European region settings. Very odd that it behaves better with USA region+24 hour clock setting, than in Euro region! Definitely a bug in how we’re implementing this since I really doubt it is an Apple bug.

What region is your iPhone set to, out of curiosity?