Scheduling problem

Hey guys !
i’m facing an annoying problem with cayenne
since the transition to winter time (i’m french).
The schedule is trigered one hour earlier that it is supposed to be, and as it turns relays
on… it wake me up earlier.
The thing is that the changes i do in the scheduling bar are not saved, on both ipad and web version.
i already tried to go from utc+1 to utc and to change hours of my triggers, but nothing worked…

Thanks !

hello did you check your time zone on the pi or adruino ?

The is most likely the cause. You can set time zones using the raspi-config utility:

sudo raspi-config

Hey @leodelizy, welcome to the Cayenne community, sorry it had to be under this circumstance.

I’m investigating right now to make sure we don’t have some sort of daylight savings time related bug, since in the US our DST change was November 6th. Can I ask if you’ve had your schedule event long enough to know if that is the day that things changed?

Also, could you let us know if your scheduled event was for a Pi or Arduino?

Hey guys ! Sorry to respond that late, it’s been a pretty busy day over here… The scheduling is for a rpi 2 model b, and unfortunately i wasn’t here when the transition from summer to winter hour occured… But the scheduling was already existing and working really well. Timezone is correctly configured on my pi, and after a bit of perseverance i’ve been able to modify the jour of schedule 1 hour later (timezone still bugged btw)… I’ll give you some news tomorrow morning, as the lamps are supposed to be turned on to wake me up…
Thanks à lot for your reactivity !
Seya guys

What I found in my investigation was that our Raspberry Pi scheduling is using the local device time (and our servers are using UTC which has no seasonal shifts at all).

With Arduino it is a different case – we’re processing the events entirely on the server as these are microcontrollers and not running a Operating System in the modern sense.

Regardless I’m glad you were able to work around the issue on your end to get the event occurring when you you expect it. I’ll look for your post tomorrow, and let me know exactly what you mean by the timezone being bugged.

Well… Still not worked… I dunno what to do…
I double, triple checked the timezone on my Raspberry, it was definitely fine…
The thing with timezone is that when i try to change the timezone on the scheduling menu, it is not saved and modify randomly the hour i set before… Any help ?

Hey Leo,

I took from your previous post that you had things working OK, I see now that it is not.

And I’ve just played with the Scheduler and I think that I can reproduce this now. Events are not creating at the times where I expect them, and moving in opposite directions when I edit the time zone on the Cayenne Web UI.

My apologies, this will be a high priority item to fix for us. In the meantime if you can get the web UI to represent the correct local time that you’d like your Relay to kick off, I suspect it will work until we fix the bug, or at least until the next seasonal change (don’t worry we will fix this much sooner).

If you have a mobile device, I am not seeing this behavior when creating and editing events in that UI. It may be the best workaround in the immediate case.

Gonna give a try… Thanks for support, hope you will find what’s wrong asap !

Hey @leodelizy,

I wanted to bring this back up because we set out to fix the bug that I’d reported when we last talked, and the neither the developer, nor myself, can reproduce anymore. Before concluding that there is no issue, I wanted talk to you again.

Can you create some simple events on your Cayenne account, in timezones different than the one you live in, and let me know if they then show on the calendar at the time you’d expect in your time zone? The ‘edit event’ dialog will show them as ‘default browser timezone’ after saving, but the times listed should match the translation of that time into your local time zone.

For example, if you create an event at 13:33 London time, I would expect it to show in your browser at 14:33 Paris time.

We DO still have a bug with the seasonal daylight time changes, but this should not affect you until the next one in 5-6 months, and we should have it well resolved by then.

Hey men. Thanks for the fix, it works now :stuck_out_tongue:
(I ended up using my photon as a relay programmer as, in conjonction with blynk, it was an easier solution and i needed my rpi for another project. Anyway thanks for the fix, and don’t worry Cayenne will still be usefull
Keep up the great work, you get all my support


Very glad that its working, but I want to be clear that we didn’t make a fix (or at least not one that I’m aware of), but if you don’t see the trouble and neither do I, I’m OK moving on for now. If anyone finds this thread in the future with scheduling issues (hopefully not), please feel free to post if you’re seeing the behavior I’ve described above!