50hz pwm for inverter


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Hi @hassan176 and welcome to the Cayenne Community!

Could you elaborate a little more on what problem you’re having / help you’re looking for?


Thank you for your reply… I am working on project of multilevel inverter. For that i have to generate 50hz pwm signal


I may have to leave this one the community members with a stronger background in Electrical Engineering than I :slight_smile:

Are you planning on connecting this to Cayenne as part of a project?


Standard PWM (like Futaba, HiTech, and most servo controls)
all use 50 Hz.

I THINK the PWM generated by the PCA9685 is 50Hz,
but I also believe that this frequency is software programmable.

You can learn more about it here:


I am using ardiuno mega 2560. Yup i need its programing technique…


oh. I dunno how to program the PWM on an Arduino…but I’m gonna learn!
I have to learn how to do it,
because I need to know!


Its very easy just turn on timer and used it as a interrupt. You can choose interrupt timing to 10ms and whenever interrupt occur it should invert the any output pin.


With native Arduino pins you can control PWM frequencies using this function http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/PwmFrequency but the frequencies are pretty limited. With a PCA9685 you can go from 0 to 1.6KHz.