Ability to add sensor that is not supported

i have a school proyect whit some raspberries taking care of a fish tanks, GPIO control are perfect for teaching but we have oxygen an PH sensors

how i can add them in the menu to easy access for kids?

I also want ph sensor in another post he said they are working on it after they get the arduino integration.

we have an Atlas Scientific pH and Oxygen sensors, they come whit azo cards and raspberri binaries but i want to add to menu like temperature sensors to make easier the teaching process

pH sensor is that model:

@yousesshomaru as @mase.hacker mentioned, after Arduino integration we will move to custom (not currently supported) sensors for the Pi. This will make it so you are not relying on the Cayenne team to release sensor device integrations. And also the hope is that the community will share their work too to make it easier on others who wish to add the same sensor.

Hope this info helps!


im also trying to add the atlas scientific. has there been any progress here?


I whrite an html page to read via i2c any atlas scientific sensor ftom my