Ability to Toggle Between Metric / U.S. Customary

Maybe the option to change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius


Makes total sense.

What about allowing you to choose between using the Metric System versus U.S. Customary system?

As in we could change the units of measurement across the board, rather than on an individual widget level.

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Has this been implemented? Would be nice to change the unit of measure for sensors, Pascal to Bar or KPa etc

Not yet :cry:

We have some other big features coming out that are higher priority ATM (Triggers & Alerts, History Graphs, Scheduling). This will get in, just a matter of time.


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If possible, I would like to see the “Raw_Value” of the ADC to do my own calculation and utilize the full resolution of the ADC.

@booysenc @tig

Fahrenheit and Celsius (and Kelvin) are available now on all temperature widgets in Cayenne, regardless platform.