DS18B20 Fahrnheit - Celsius

Maybe I am blind but I don´t find a possibility to change the format from Fahrenheit to Celsius - is there a possibility?

Thank you!


Nice dashboard!

We’re working on allowing for you to toggle between units…right now, we only have Fahrenheit. Keep you updated when we do this change.


thank you for the fast response!

Likewise just to add suport / push here…
Most outside USA are Si units / deg C. So consider market. E.g. at present I am showing it off around the placebut would not switch over to it until ‘Deg C enabled’
So as above sure look forward to a sticky ‘SiDeg C’ (or even local settings detection ? ) to put it into the correct units for us
Thanks… In anticipation…
~ Andrew

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Any news on the celsius switch?
We really want to use this and we need celsius.

Will be pushed out next release! Hopefully next week.


Thanks, looking forward to it.

Same here.
Given degC is the actual output of the sensor, I found it odd you hardcoded it to display the converted temperature without the option.
But can I add Kelvin to the mix as well, for science use.

@bensimmo @chris.r @kay @picaxe moving this to Ideas / Suggestions category… we have a fix and will be released soon!

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Many thanks;)

I’m waiting for Celsius too :slight_smile:


Thanks !
~ Andrew

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Excellent work This works well:grin:

Thank you very much… Working great…
Now looking forward for android app…

We will be doing a pre-release Android version next week, want to check it out?


Yes i would love to… :slight_smile:

Me two

But everyone on planet America uses Fahrenheit don’t they?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

I notice that there is an option to change from Fahrenheit to Centigrade but it hangs when pressing the save button! I’ve tried with multiple sensors and different Pi’s and different web browsers.
Still no Centigrade for me :sob:

We actually released an Android update recently and forgot to include this change. Doh! :blush:

We’re releasing a fix in near future that will include the fix to allow you to view in centigrade. Sorry about this!