About esp8256


Dear developer…
I have successfully connected arduino with esp8266 and connected with 4 channel 5v relay…
I am giving power through serial cable…

Now problem is whenever i connect my actuator to relay and trigger relay, then esp gets suddenly offline…

If i don’t connect any actuator to relay then all working fine…all 4 channel are on/off after triggering from dashboard.

I think that insufficient power is supplied to esp after connection of actuators.so, i am trying to give extenal power to arduino but i have connected CH_PD + 3.3v in esp…so external power also not work for arduino…

What is the problem behind this???

Plz suggest… It’s urgent…day after tomorrow having presentation…



Hello, can you try with more power? However I think that the problem is that Arduino 3.3V regulated output (50 mA max) can’t drive the current requested by the ESP (Up to 200 mA). You can try with more power, but also you can try to power the ESP separately with some kind of external batteries?


Any news?


I will do it tomorrow… Because am busy in presentation…


Do you manage to.fix it?


hello sir
As per your direction, I applied separate power supply from the second Arduino. and connected Tx and Rx to the 1st Arduino. but esp not working from this.

and if I am trying to give power through 1st Arduino, then it works well.
presently I didn’t have any big power source. I am checking esp by using power from the second Arduino.

why external power from other Arduino does not work for esp?? any link between Tx and Rx pin??


No, there is no link I think. Just the arduino cannot supply it I think. What About to use battery?


But currently my esp works well on arduino without any problem.


Hm… I think it could be unstable.


no…it is stable.I have tested by making continuously online for 5-6 hours, it never goes offline.

but whenever I want to connect any actuator like motor, it goes offline.
without connecting any actuator. I am giving power through the serial port which drives Arduino, esp as well as 4 channel 5V relay, then also it never goes offline.

is there any principle behind ratings of actuator which the relay can drive?? because relays are available in 5v, 10v, 12v, etc??


I am asking about relay rating because i connected 3 led on 3 different channel. They are working fine without any offline condition of esp. The only problem with actuator like the 5v motor.


Where do you take the 5 volts for the motor? From the Arduino?


no…from external supply


What about the relay module? Are you sure that it is 5V relay? I am asking because there are also 12 volts.
However it is strange when you can manage leds with external power and when you connect motor, it makes esp goes offline and actually they use separate powers.

What about the arduino in this scenario? Does the board restarts or act some kind strange?


yes.it is 5v 4 channel relay.
about arduino, it goes well without any kind of strange activity.

if i command to on the motor, then motor is on. then esp goes offline…and i am not able to off the motor.


NOW, I am successfully connected esp by using power from second Arduino(i have forgotten to tie up the ground of both the Arduino).

then also the same problem happens.


It is very strange behavior…


I am having the relay with an optocoupler.
so I removed jumper of Vcc and JD-Vcc, and give external power to the relay, and make complete isolation between Arduino and relay board, then also the same thing happened.

all the strange things happened to me only…lol


Okey, maybe the relay somehow interrupt the work of the esp…I cannot figure it out :frowning:


now, how to figure out the problem??? any things strange to do from my side??

or it is cayenne bug for esp8266?