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##My home automation project:

Hello I have build an irrigation system with RASP which will now be controlling with cayenne. Since I have a cottage where I have a conservatory has alttid be a problem with plants as it may be up to about 40g and without water it’s no go so here I have made a RASP with automatic watering system. The systems and the entire run at 12V solar energy. Out of it I get watering system and temperature measurement. I want to make it so that I can see volts and amps with mopy. In addition I have also RASP home where we live and here I manage light outside and in my work room, I’m by expanding the Cayenne also. The building things together for me has to be the easy since I’m electrician, but software is here where I have had to find code etc. on the Web and it has not be easy, but when I first found webiopi be easier and when mydevices came forward, it has now become very easy, so an incredibly good piece of software. The next thing I have started with is to make a wooden terrace where light and watering system will manage a RASP with cayenne, and it must of course run on solar energy. What I want to do is be able to control the order all my RASP both at home and in my cottage in relation to where we are. Here are just a few pictures on my test setups etc.

Raspberry and relay for pumpe 12v.

Watering system.

My work room.


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Hi Lars,

This looks good! We are glad that Cayenne has made things easier for you to make projects like this one. I look forward to seeing this project when it is finished!

Do you think you could re-post this project as its own topic in the “Projects Made with Cayenne” Category?


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Actually, I just reposted it for you. I hope you don’t mind!

It’s ok Benny

Hey i published my project “burglar alarm” on instructables and hackster.
Please visit

Instructables BUrgLaR ALarM - Instructables

Hackster Burglar Alarm - Hackster.io

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