Automated irrigation system using cayenne


About This Project

This project was created in order to be able to have full control of our irrigation from anywhere with a simple Internet connection using the MyDevices Cayenne platform. Besides that in these times we need to save water, and the method of drip irrigation have enough water savings. I thank the developers of this platform as we facilitate the creation of new projects, in just a few minutes.



Video Demonstration

Review in Platform

What’s Connected

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

  • Relay 4-Chanels

  • Water Pump 250 L/H

  • Sensor Digital Motion PIR

  • Switch On/OFF Led

  • Jumpers

The various components listed in turn are connected to the control panel, not yet connect them to the platform.

  • Arduino Mega

  • KeyPad 4x4

  • Servo Tower Pro SG90

  • LCD 16x2 Interface i2c

Triggers & Alerts

Of course, this project uses four.


Sure, indicating days you when to start watering, and then turn it off.

Dashboard Screenshots

Platform Web

Application IOS iPad

Photos of the Project

The photos show the entire wooden structure with plastic to protect from moisture coating as well as the connection of electronic systems.


Weather Monitoring System

You have a bit of everything going on there…I like it!


I somehow missed this project…WOW! This is really cool! It uses Scheduling, Triggers, pretty dashboard. Love it.