About virtual pins

what is mean by virtual pin ?.. when I connected my simple led to glow it ask me to set a virtual pin. I don’t know which pin number to give and where to give the connection wire and in the connectivity option it show only virtual without any optional.

Virtual pin is the MQTT channel used for communication. You can add any number you want. Then read the value of this virtual pin and assign this value to Arduino pin.


after connectivity i assigned virtual.then it ask for channel.i don’t know what to give and what is the range of that number…
#define VIRTUAL_CHANNEL {(here want number want to give)}
#define ACTUATOR_PIN 4 // Do not use digital pins 0 or 1 since those conflict with the use of Serial.
and what is the meaning of ACTUATOR_PIN 4 it automatically assigned.

you have to assign the virtual channel a number. the range can be from 0 to 100 or any.

Actuator pin is arduino pin where your output actuator is connected.

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thank u!!!