Access for "Trusted Devices" without password


I would like to request the ability to add a device (ie… Android/IOS) as a trusted device that once authenticated and approved on the account can have quick full access without having to go through the login each time.


Do you log out of the app every time you exit? If I close the app, but don’t log out, and the open the app again, I’m not required to log in. Does this meet your need? Or were you thinking something different?



I just saw your reply. I do not log out. I also just close the app, but it always asks me to log in each time I go into the app.


Is this on iOS or Android? Neither app should log you out like that, it’s probably worth deleting the app and re-installing it from the App Store/Google Play Store to make sure you have the latest version, and that anything funky in the app cache is cleared.

If it still continues after that let me know.