Is there a way to use password less authentication?

I have my Pi setup for password less authentication with openSSH. is there any way to upload my key, kind of like JuiceSSH does?


Hi @miked1428,

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Is this a Cayenne question or a general Raspberry Pi thing? Where is the authentication that you are talking about?



It was with the Cayanne app. It was with entering the username and password in the android app. I re-enabled password logins on my Pi and was able to get the device to connect, but now it seems to be hung at step1: Installing libraries.

Hey miked1428,

Yes, you can do passwordless login with “SSH Hardening with Google Authenticator and OpenPAM” and as you said with OpenSSH and ssh keys to your RPi.

The Cayenne Android App still has not included this Two-factor authentication (2FA) system(s).
In 2016, it wasn’t a big deal, but now 2FA is the standard. Their app could easily do the non-SMS methods above; yet not yet.

Any update if this feature was/will be implemented?