Adding devices to a project

I added an ADS1115 to my Pi but the voltages are all zero all the time.
I created two projects using the ‘+’ button but cannot add the device to either. Neither project shows an ‘Extension’ tab either.
I installed the Adafruit software and ran the test script successfully.
The only change I’ve made for Cayenne is to add the device to the webiopi config file.

I’ve submitted this to the bugs/issues section.

Hi @jimlynnjulian2,

This is actually expected behavior. Extension are not able to be added to a project because we do not have widget for extension. If there is a widget added that reads data from extension, then that widget can be added to a project dashboard. Does this make sense?


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Not exactly. If there are a set of tabs/pages in the default project (sidebar) there is an expectation of the same set of tabs/pages on a iser created project.
More importantly, I’ve seen a screen shot of a sidebar(default project)!with an ads1115 listed along with sensors and relays. My sidebar (default project) does not show the ads0 added by me in the config file even though the extensions tab/page of the sidebar(default project) is displayed, albeit with incorrect data. The two may be related.
This concerns me more.
I’ve just had a moment of insight. To get the Weaved/WebIOPi examples going, e.g. Devices Monitor, I had to add an ADS1115 to the webiopi config file. I’ve removed that entry and the Cayenne ADC is more dynamic now.; still wrong, mind you, but active.
And, the Weaved/WebIOPi Devices Monitor example still works and reflects the Cayenne ADC. I’ll examine details later.
For thhis testing, today I attached four small solar cells attached to a metal fixture for detecting the position of the sun. Cayenne shows two sets of values that seem to shift channels.
Further developments:
I removed the config file adc and, as I saiod, I have what are , generally, two sets of values shifting channels. Additioinally, the webpage ADS1115 is not updating in real time. I have to switch pages and go back to get a read. The Weaved/WebIOPi Device Monitor shows continually fluctuating valued nowhere near where they should be.
Major failure on the ADS1115.
I still don’t see the ADS1115 on the sidebar. The name of the ADS1115 has been changed from the config file entry of ‘ads0’ to ‘ADS1115’.
just deleted the whole thing to start over. The outputs are now, all a steady at 0.24, which is 0.98 volts.