All GET calls to API return error 500 now

Hi, I’m having a bit of a serious issue with the API. All of my GET requests are now returning error 500, “message”: “An unexpected error occurred”, regardless of where I’m making it from (my android app, postman, etc.). Be aware that they used to work perfectly fine about a week ago.

I’m requesting the token with client_id and client_secret and it’s working fine, but the data requests have all gone kaput. I’m aware the API has been changed, but besides the client_id and client_secret for requesting the token I’m not sure what else is necessary.

Any quick response is appreciated, since I’m relying on the API for a production app. Thanks in advance.

can you try now?

Working now! Thanks so much! What happened?

Just a hiccup :wink:. we are looking at this issue.

Oh, ok! Many thanks for the quick response