Is there any change in post method? I am always getting this error "{ "message": "An unexpected error occurred" }"

Screenshot from Postman:

I think REST API is down today.

@kingkhan_ec have a look at this REST API 2.0 and OAuth Tokens - #2 by shramik_salgaonkar

@jameszahary it is working fine. what is the issue you are facing?

I have been getting that 500 – “unexpected error” this morning on my Android implementation, and double-checked it with an Excel implementation. The auth request responds fine, but the things request gives that 500 error. These were both updated early January for the new auth request parameters and have been working since … until this morning.

yup, i was able to reproduce the same issue. will check with team and let you know.

It’s working again!

Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face: