Analog Input from Voltage Source

How do I monitor a DC or AC voltage source?

You can add an Analog converter to get 3.3V max input DC voltage

What exactly are you trying to do?

I am trying to monitor the DC or AC voltage on a circuit for long periods of time to make sure it is consistent. Do I have to add an analog converter? The pi does not have one built in?

Pretty sure the Pi doesn’t have one built in. @ats1080s @eptak can confirm.


You would have to have some sort of hardware to monitor the voltage and then send data to the pi though that. Hooking up anything over 3.3v to a pi will certainly fry it. This is actually something that I have been meaning to do but never put in the time to go look, if I have some time in the next few days I’ll let you know what I find if no one else chimes in.

Did you get what you needed here?


Yes. Thank you

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Hello @bbaker can you please share how you did this? i too nee to monitor an AC status and a DC voltage for a remote custom USP i built for a radio tower. Its far and high. Id love to see whats its status before it fails.

I ended up purchasing an analog converter to connect to the pi. I did not complete the project yet though. But that should work for you.



You can use Arduino and an analog voltage sensor?

What chip do you use. When i think right, there are many chips that can read different voltage ranges and the value of the voltage you can read via I2C or SPI.