And again

  • Device & model you are using ESP01, 201, 07

  • What dashboard are you using? WEB

  • I will not post about triggers or acctuators since it would be 1.000.000th post on that subject here since end of January.

I have 3 devices that are left on Cayenne just for testing purpose, since nothing seriously can be done with this paltform with all the bug after bug and change after change (that bring more bugs) and no fixes for more than 3 months.

That 2 devices are sitting in the same place and with same setup since January, nothing changed no hardware no network no code change they were working just fine. But the devices started to diconect from platform in last 7 days, one can barely be online for a few minutes then goes offline. All devices have +50% of wifi signal and no internet connection issues from my provider or any other IoT devices i use.

So devices were working and started erraticly disconecting from Cayenne without me changing anything.

And yeah 3rd device is relay box, which has unworking actuators, they did work on pre-mqtt “upgrade” did any one mention broken actuators recently :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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