Reconnect your MQTT Devices


We recently had a short dashboard downtime which was determined to be related to our monitoring of the online / offline status of MQTT-connected devices. We’ve pushed a fix for that today so a similar downtime can’t occur for the same reason moving forward.

One of the side effects of this fix is that it will be necessary to re-connect any MQTT devices to Cayenne in order to display accurate online/offline status and to ensure best performance of other Cayenne features. To do this, if you have a microcontroller like an Arduino/ESP or similar device, please power cycle the device to ensure a reconnection. If you have a Linux based device running a Cayenne MQTT client, a reboot isn’t necessary, you can simply stop and re-start the client to reconnect.

If you have any questions about this or suspect ongoing MQTT device trouble, please feel free to ask here or make a new thread. Apologies for this inconvenience - it should lead to greater platform stability in the future!

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I keep getting a red maintenance banners on my iOS , multiple banners. Are you still fixing?


@wmontg5988 we are not, and weren’t at the time you wrote this either. I suspect it something on our server side that caused the iOS app to get a 5xx status code and decide we were under maintenance when we really were not.

Please try again and let me know if the issue persists.


It’s giving the same error again today.


Can you try force closing the app (by swiping it off screen from after double-tapping the home button) and re-launching, to make sure its not stuck in that state?


I had actually removed and reinstalled the app this weekend but now it has stopped on its own without any intervention.


Yeah I’m seeing 503 errors in my web browser so I think our server is acting up – hang tight, we have our IT looking at it.


Yeah started again and my devices are gone. Standing by😁



I’m still waiting for any word on what happened from our engineers but I know the 503s on my end have cleared up. Are you still seeing the Maintenance message in the iOS app?


still busy with work work work. check when I get home