Android -> Cayenne -> 8266 problem


Old post - just deleting my OAuth2 token …

Followup on my previous problem sending commands to Cayenne from Android.

I was using Cayenne API to send a number from Android to Cayenne, which in turn would be sent from Cayenne to my 8266 to command the 8266 to do something. I was sending 0, 1, 3.14, but the numbers showed as random 5 digit integers. While experimenting, I discovered that my number sometimes displayed on the Dashboard, and sometimes the 5 digit. In the data history, you often get two numbers sent at the same second – sometimes my number sent first, then the 5 digit integer, and I see the 5 digit on the dashboard. Sometimes the other way.

My discovery is that both numbers are sent to the 8266, or in this experiment a Raspberry PI running the cayenne-node.js program and subscribing to the channel. In the red circle, you see I sent the number 137.0357, but Cayenne wrote that plus this other number 14497 into the history. On the pi-cayenne-node it showed this both numbers in the payload

{ path: ‘v1/971da7b0-fd21-11e6-ac86-a9a56e70acce/things/bd7309e0-2e04-11e8-822e-bbf389efce87/cmd/86’,
payload: '14497,137.03597’,
{ username: ‘971da7b0-fd21-11e6-ac86-a9a56e70acce’,
thingId: ‘bd7309e0-2e04-11e8-822e-bbf389efce87’,
channel: ‘86’ },
splats: [] }

So this 14497 number must be some kind of internal number, that should not be in the history, and not display on the dashboard.

Here is the curl, just for the record – it does not contain 14497

curl -X POST -H 'authorization: Bearer ey....oo' -H 'content-type: application/json; charset=UTF-8' -d '{"channel":86,"value":137.03597}' {"success":true}pi@raspberrypi:~/node_modules