Information on recieved data

Dear Cayenne community

I am using a Wistrio rak5205 Trackerboard and I connect with the swisscom network.
You allready confirmed to me that you recieved data from the node with the devEUI “60C5A860C5A83534”.
I was wondering if you could give me more information on the recieved data from the node because I didn’t save the configuration that worked and I wasn’t able to find the right configuration yet.

The information that would be helpful is:

  • The date & time of the recieved data
  • The e-mail adress that was used for the authetification
  • The content-type of the recieved data (XML or JSON)
  • Detailed information about the LoraWAN class

Kind regards

last data received was on: April 26th 2019, 14:43:32.655

Payload received was 01880741590129df006338017a hex format.

Thank you for your fast answer!

I’m a little bit confused, if data was received today that means that the data reaches cayenne so I don’t understand why it doesn’t show any data at all.

Cayenne doesn’t show me any data received.
Can you tell me what steps I can take to get the data showing on a map? I’m sending GPS-data. Usually the map would be there as soon as cayenne receives them.

Kind regards

can you send this payload 01 88 06 76 5f f2 96 0a 00 03 e8 and test whether you are able to see data on cayenne.

I’ve send this payload but still don’t see any data on cayenne. Anything else I can try?

Delete the device from your account, i will try to test it on my account.

Ok, the device is deleted.

last data received was at May 3rd 2019, 16:39:58.166. Payload: 01880741580129e0006658

Could you tell me your timezone so I can check the time?
And do you maybe know a way to check if the payload has the cayenne payload format because I didn’t change my code and I want to be sure if the error is on my side.

Kind regards

My timezone: GMT+5:30 (IST)
Your payload seems to be correct. Cayenne Docs

Yeah it works again, thank you very much for your support!

Kind regards

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i think the issue might be the frequency of data send. what is the time interval between your data published?
i have seen that, if it is too short then packets are lost and do not show in the console.

The frequency is way to high, the sending based on the acceleration. I’m currently finishing my code to get it working, the next step is to fix the frequency and make sure that the node isn’t wasting to much battery. What is the maximal frequency that cayenne allows?

Kind regards

it is not about cayenne but you Lora network service provider.