Android & iOS Mobile App (Deprecated)

Hello Cayenne Community,

A quick update from the Cayenne Team. As some of you have noticed, we are not longer supporting the Cayenne Android & iOS application. As a result, we have removed the mobile applications from the Apple and Google Play Store. Going forward we are focusing solely on our Web application and converting it to a Progressive Web Application (PWA). With the new PWA app, you’ll never need to do an app update again, you’ll always have the latest version, and you’ll have the same great experience on every device.

If you have any questions or concerns let us know.

Stay safe!

Do you need some dev help with PWA (workers, events…etc?)

@ognqn.chikov PM me - we can always accept help :wink:

While I am glad to see that you are working on an improvement to the user experience. You should deprecate something that people are using without advanced notice. People have been reporting the app being missing for weeks now and then you release this post. Notification should be made upfront and if possible maintain support for existing application while working on its replacement, even if the support is on limited. That is the way to improve and make sure your customer are taken care of as well.
Is there a ETA on the new user experience?

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Perhaps an Edit of the intro Doc on your site before the removal of the apps would have been a good idea! It suggests the mobile app as the easiest way to start… which is what I’m trying to do and was getting very confused by failing link to google store.

Hopefully will be able to proceed with web version



@cjls190-pi we have not stopped the app for users who already have installed the app. It is only that the app has been removed from the app store so that no new user downloads the app. When the PWA is ready we will give a prior announcement about it.
@pjjl sorry for that, we will remove it from the docs. You can use the cayenne web browser from now on.

Good bye cayenne, good luck on your future ventures.

Hi, I have android app installed and it don’t work on my android 4.4.2 tablet. I cannot login. There’s server error. I have to use web dashboard but this is very poor experience. I have to login every time when tablet screen is off and always I have to resize dashboard because widgets are very small. I found better solution to use shared link from my dashboard, I can make fullscreen but after screen turn off for few minutes I also see login screen. Why do I cannot use shared dashboard all the time without returning to login screen?
Regards Przemek

@coffeytc we are working on PWA, so stay tuned.
@skweresp can you private message me your account details.

Disappointing as it was one of the things that decided me to sign up (today!).

Is there any chance of publishing a roadmap please ? I’m trying at the moment to work out whether I want to use Cayenne long term. It looks like many of the features that made this top of the list no longer apply.

I like the product and it has great potential, but I need to know whether or not to invest my time and effort into it.



there is no ETA for PWA. you can use the cayenne on web dashboard until it.

And a roadmap ?.

cant share,