Cayenne app not available in your country

Hi all.

I installed Cayenne application on my iPhone from apple store last year. Now I see it is not available in apple store anymore. When I search for it on web and when it redirects me to Apple store, I just get an error “This app is currently not available in your country or region”. I’m from Slovakia. Is there a way how to update application? Is this the end of support for my country? I’m going also to log a bug. Thank you.

can you use the web dashboard for now.

Thank you for your answer. Could you please specify for how long is that “for now”? Are you in process of upgrading application? Will be iOS still supported? Thank you.

will let you know about it soon.

Hi, I see that Cayenne app work on my android 10 smartphone but don’t work on my android 4.4.2. tablet. I use that tablet as my Dashboard only to show Cayenne sensors. Do You play to fix it or You will not support that version of android anymore?
Regards Przemek.

we are looking into the app issue.


Thank You very much for info.
Regards Przemek

I had to replace my Galaxy S9 and now on the new phone that runs Android10 the CAyenne app doesnt exist on the app store. Why?

I found an APK version but doesnt work correctly (Doesnt show all sensor readings)

App for iOS is still not available in Australia as of Aril 24, 2020.

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Do you know when the app will be available again?


If this is true, why is it still advertised on the website Remote Monitoring - Developer |

Please remove it so that others do not waste hours of their life trying to figure out why they cant find it.

Furthermore, the mobile version of the cayenne dev dashboard is frustratingly unusable in its current form.


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we have plan to release a PWA but it will take some time.

this is the reason for the removal of the app.


Thanks for the reply. I understand what you are saying but my point is that it should be clearly stated in your web site that this is the case so that people like me don’t waste their time like I did before I saw your post on this issue.

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Is there a plan to have a iPhone app ready to be used in the future?


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