Any way to get a timed button?


love this thread and Im wondering if you all have a update on roll out ETA


Same boat here, want to use the system to control my door locks but cant do simple on off.


@cannamagic @devonmeyers Sorry guys, this feature got pushed back, we are working on getting the Cayenne API out and also integration with some LoRa sensors.



Bummer, I was looking at this or Blynk to control a door lock on an older car, so far really like Cayenne, but the door lock would be a little weird if it was constantly stuck ON.


I don’t really understand why such a basic function has low priority to be honest.


Arduino support on the app is out! Wanted to resurect this one :slight_smile: any updates?


Hey @devonmeyer,

We’re still working on it. Lots of resources are being put towards opening up the Cayenne API right now. We will release timer functionality in future though!



Awesome, I’ll keep checking in. I’m working on my car project now so if we got this to work that would be awesome.


Checking in again, working on a project for burning man that would totally use this feature if it existed


Please describe what you mean and what platform you wish to make it work on.

If Arduino, maybe we can implement the functionality with some code behind.



I know I sound like a broken record here…but it is currently on hold until we get some other features out the door. As @kreggly said, there may be workaround to make it happen in the code using Arduino :slight_smile:



This is on an ESP chip, which is arduino. I am trying to implement it as a way to unlock a car door, so it needs to be momentary rather then always on or off.


@devonmeyers, I recommend you use this library:

Then you can set an output high in your virtual function, then call the after function to spawn another function to turn off the led after time has elapsed.

Would be nice to have a one-shot type button widget for this, but this does give you the functionality you want.



Can you please add a momentary button

I’ll take a look, what about the button status within cayenne tho?


Did you get this to work?

I need a “momentary” button on the Cayenne Dashboard to trigger a Garage Relay sequence. (I had this working in Blynk).

I know how to program a timer in Arduino, but the problem is the Cayenne Dashboard button stays on. Is there a way to turn that Dashboard button off from within Arduino after the sequence has run?

When I press the Dashboard Widget button I want this code to run and then the button to turn off.
Just a Simple Momentary Switch.

If the dashboard widget button remains on and the Arduino happens to reboot, the garage door could open or close unattended.

  // get value sent from dashboard
  int currentValue = getValue.asInt(); // 0 to 1

  // assuming you wire your relay as normally open
  if (currentValue == 0) {
    digitalWrite(13, HIGH); // Relay is Open
  } else {
    //Beep Buzzer & Flash Lights
  unsigned char i, j ;// define variables
      for (i = 0; i <12; i++)
      digitalWrite (buzzer, LOW) ; // Turn buzzer ON
      delay (300) ;// Delay 10ms
      digitalWrite (buzzer, HIGH) ;// turn buzzer OFF
      delay (75) ;// delay 10ms
      for (i = 0; i <15; i++)
      digitalWrite(13, LOW); // GPIO13 Closes Relay
      digitalWrite (buzzer, LOW) ; // Turn buzzer ON
      delay (75) ;// Delay 10ms
      digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
      digitalWrite (buzzer, HIGH) ;// turn buzzer OFF
      delay (150) ;// delay 10ms
      Serial.print("Closing Garage!");
      digitalWrite(13, LOW); //Close Relay
      digitalWrite(13, HIGH);     


I did get this to work by creating a Trigger to turn the button off when it is turned on. Seems to work.


I’m playing around with a Hall effect sensor which maybe useful in your garage door project,
some that indicates when current is flowing


I’m thinking a Raspberry Pi with OpenCV installed once MQTT is released.

That way, you simply ‘see’ that the door is open. Also, with the facial detection, it doubles as a security system if anyone breaks in.




yup. momentary (programmable time) button is NEEDED!

-and Boolean conjunction operators- so we can make complex macros of triggers and events.
IF it is dark AND there is motion, THEN turn the light on.
If the garage door is open AND it is later than 10PM, then close garage door.

-and easy access to GPIO 13, 14 and 16 on the Esp12-e! (this one is kind of screwing me now):rage:

oh, we all want so much! :wink:


Your pinching my project :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @HighTech
I’m using relays just for that purpose to have two or even three triggers to control one output but I can only agree momentary switch would be nice