"Coming Soon" Custom Widgets

Hello Everybody,

I saw that you updated the Docs section for the Custom Widgets. I saw that “Camera Widget” is coming soon. Can you tell us in what time frame we can expect these wonderful functionalities?

Thank you in advance:)

A lot of the widgets we expected for Q1 were delayed until Q2 due to API versioning that they rely on being delayed. We’ll be doing a release in Q2 of this year with the following expected widgets:

  • Meter
  • Open/Close
  • Motion
  • CO2 Detector
  • Updated 2-state widget (allows emoji, text)
  • Status
  • Tank Level
  • Proximity
  • Video
  • Battery
  • Signal Strength

Unfortunately the camera widget isn’t in that list. :neutral_face: It doesn’t mean you won’t see it in Q2 of this year, just that you’ll see the above batch first. If I get more specific info on the timing of it I’ll update here.

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Wholly Sheepshit!

I just happen to be working on a
WiFi 8-input joystick/volume control/analog sensor/gas gauge PC board.
-the size of 2 postage stamps.
Imagine that.
Make my ThustMaster joystick Cayenne WiFi wireless.

-I certainly hope y’all are accounting for calibration-
I need (currently) a multiply by 52.1628
to make my MCP3208 multimeter spot-on correct

What is expected by the “Video” widget?

The Video widget will be used for streaming web video like Youtube Live. I haven’t seen all of the design on it yet, but imagine it’s possible that could come from a stream from a local webcam as well. It just won’t have functionality to actually control the pi camera, which is the intent of the eventual Camera widget.

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Thank you for the explanation. I am asking because I want to monitor the growth of my plants, and then to make this kind of videos with fast speed pictures that shows the process of growing the plant.


Waiting for this release. Until then Cayenne is not much of help building my smart security system :frowning:

What do you need for your monitoring system. You can send commands directly to raspberry and make pictures locally. It is some kind of solution too.

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Hi. I’d like to press a button on Cayenne dashboard to send a command to raspberry pi. How can I do it?

You can write a python file that reads the state of a button, and If it is pressed (if is 1) it can trigger some command using:


Don’t forget to include:

import os

Tried but can’t create a button with no device related.
My need is just software related, to press a button on the Cayenne Dashboard that execute a command (bash, etc) on my RPi, with no GPIO use at all.
There is some example about this?
Thanks in advance!

You can use virtual pin I think.

Thanks for your suggestion, but just found an app that does just what I need. I’ll try “virtual pin” to know how and if it works for me.

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I will give it another try! :slight_smile:

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I saw some of these at Maker Faire in May and am very excited to see some new widgets… I’ve been waiting since last Maker Faire. I know we had to get all the happy Arduino people in the fold, but now that the Arduino is released we need more widgets :slight_smile:. I’m really hoping for a text widget soon as I have updates that are generated on my host that i’m wanting to display on a screen… We are now almost in Q3 of this year, any hope :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ??? I’d be happy to Beta test it for you!


@ognqn.chikov could a python script be written to reboot rpi3 when an input on a gpio? I want to use my mega to reboot the rpi in case I lose contact with it from overseas.


Yes, it can. You have to put a python command inside a script - os.system("sudo reboot")

Don’t forget to import os - import os in the beginning of the file.

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Time to study up on writing python scripts

There is no need. Just use google :stuck_out_tongue: And a little by little you will learn without knowing that you learn :slight_smile:

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Python is a great language to begin with as it’s very readable and (in my opinion) straightforward. There are so many good resources on the web too. Certainly don’t be afraid to make a thread here if you need some Python help, we’d love to have the additional discussion.


We may have met and talked about these at Maker Faire! I was the one in the Cayenne T-Shirt. :smile:

One of the joys of software development is that when you post a date/estimate like I did that the heavens align to make sure that you look silly down the road. We are still committed to releasing these widgets, but I’ll have to get an updated time table on when they’ll start coming. Certainly if there is any beta opportunity I’ll reach out and get you involved as early as possible.

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