Apple IOS Cayenne App crashes after recent upgrade

I was successfully using the Cayenne app on both an iPhone 4S and an iPad mini tablet but after upgrading to the latest Cayenne app it no longer works and just crashes out after a few seconds on both devices.
Also I used to be able to see my dashboard overview using Safari on the iPad but this also no longer works and just gives me a blank page.

Both the iPhone & iPad are running the latest IOS 9 version (they will not upgrade beyond that version)

Any ideas what has happened?

Can you private message me your account info so we can take a look?


This was an issue with using an older, unsupported version: iOS 9 on a 4s.

For anyone else reading this post, Cayenne can only support iOS 10 and higher. Thanks!


Fair enough the App no longer supports IOS9 but why has it also stopped working in the Safari web browser?
What new does the website use in it’s recent update that is no longer supported on older browsers?

I cannot justify the expense off a new(ish) iThing to continue using Cayenne but Android devices can be cheap so what is the lowest version of Android you support?

You can get app requirements by vising the app page on google play and the info is at the bottom (try that with the app store from a PC without iTunes)

Pro tip: switch to Android and never look back :wink:

Thanks Adam,

I had to ask as you cannot be sure of app requirements. The iOS version states it’s compatible with iOS 9 but the developers say it’s not.