Arduino code > Mqtt not working

Hello community,
I write because I tried to understand the operation of Mqtt but to date I did not succeed, I had a small project on the platform cayenne and worked well then I resumed after 7 months my esp12e connected to 3 relays, 2 temperature sensors (and I had also a state putting a pin to ground), now I see that you use MQTT and I do not know how to convert my little sketch Arduino, I read the guide on the community but the project continues to be offline (I entered Mqtt username, password, client Id, and the data of my wifi) I do not know what to do, I would like to attach here the sketch of arduino ide and if anyone could advise me or make me understand how I could convert it I would be grateful, I also trie
cayenne_ESP12E_wifi_ok.txt (1.8 KB)

hi, which device and what connection are you using to connect to cayenne.

Hello thanks for your answer, I’m using an esp12e module with home wi-fi connection, I noticed that when I pass the module from flash to usage (after writing) on ​​the cayenne dashboard the status changes continuously from offline to online every second

can you post the code, screenshot of your serial monitor and dashboard.