Arduino is default device when adding custom sensor


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I was trying to submit a bug report.
My device is Raspberry Pi 2. When I tried to add a custom widget only Arduino options were offered. No Raspberry Pi access.

Thank you.



Hi @stafford.irvin and welcome to the Cayenne community. We’re happy to have you posting here.

I’m moving this from the Bugs category to ideas/suggestions because this is expected at the moment rather than a bug – we only currently have the Custom Widgets feature for Arduino devices. We do have Raspberry Pi support for this feature on the Cayenne Roadmap, and I’ll update the Community as well as this thread when it launches.

In the meantime, you may be able to accomplish much of what you’re hoping to do with a generic Digital or Analog sensor/actuator widget, which are available for both platforms today. What were you hoping to hook up to the Raspberry Pi?


I am building s ‘sensor center’ for UAVs and UGVs. The intent is to make them expandable, that is, the actual sensors will be chosen based on the mission of the vehicle. To do this I2C interfaces for each sensor will be used. So far I have the MPL3115A2 Pressure/temperature, sensor, and several MCO9809 precision temperature sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi 2. Additional sensors could be GPS, Compass, Air Quality, etc.

Thank you.