Arduino Mega + Esp8266


This new lib not working. Can you make a tutorial video or live tutorial please.

Error: ESP8266_Lib.h:

Can you be more specific about whats not working?


I can’t use cayenne with Arduino Mega + Esp8266 module. I am just want to watch a tutorial about this.


@ozbayalperen1 what is the error you are getting? if you post the error then only we can help.

there is no tutorial till now.


There is no error. Just i can’t run this.


I am in same case, I gess that ozbayalperen1 means that if he choose an arduino mega there is no option to connect using the ESP8266, and if we choose a generic ESP8266 the functionalities of the Mega are not present, so we can only add 1 sensor/actuator using generic ESP8266, and we can not conect by a Mega devive as the 8266 bridge.

some step during the configuration we are not doing well.


It Works¡

reading on the forum I locate the solution.

here the proof:


My system not work. Esp is not responding and i can’t upload a new firmware


if your ESP has AT firmware should be work…
If you have an arduino UNO try to connect the ESP there TX with TX and RX with RX and remove the main IC from the UNO, then conet the UNO to the IDE and open a seral communication. AT commands will work…


From the screen shot it seems like you need to upload the AT firmware. Try this


I tried to flash with arduino uno i have not a ftdi adapter and it is giving error:
İ will buy ftdi adapter but why this method not work :sweat:


Method works, but we can only guess the reason of failing at your setup, since you did not post any of relevant data, connection diagram, software setup or code for either of your problems.


I have no adapter and i tried with arduino uno like this:

And i used this program:


I would say just wait for the FTDI adapter. It’s easier and I know it works.


Looking at screenshoot, i would say port speeds are not matched, adjust speeds (115200) and try again . But as Adam said wait get adapter, its a basic tool.


as far as I know for to flah esp with arduino the atmega chip must be removed and conect TX with TX and RX with RX in order to use the arduino board as a bridge.


I bought this ftdi adapter:
I tried to flash it with this video:
But it is not working :frowning: esp debug is saying esp is not responding. What can i try?
I tried this firmware versions: v0.9.5.2, V1.1.1
What can i try now?


Links to youtube video’s won’t help us, we need to see your setup and what you did step by step to figure out what’s wrong. The FTDI adapter is good, but you need to make sure it’s set to 3.3v with the jumper. If you already hooked it up with 5v then you will need to order another ESP-01 as well.


İ run ftdi adaptor with 3.3v setting my esp is not burned. Can we make a teamviewer and hangouts Adam? I love cayenne, i really want to make projects for cayenne platform.


As I said we need pictures of how you have everything set up to help