Arduino Scheduling update?


I wanted to check into the scheduling issue for arduino. I heard a few accouncements that some fixes would be in place ~6th of March. I tried setting up scheduling again to see if it was resolved, it is not.

I haven’t seen any official announcements since the February update so wanted to check in.

I’ve halted my work on my Cayenne Project as there is no further use of it without this ability.

Appreciate the update.

Hey @Tuclis hang in there. The March 6 update was to resolve the issues we had with the Android app showing ‘error loading’/‘server error’/blank Arduino dashboards.

We are aware of the Arduino Scheduler issues as well as the hidden projects, we just want to make sure we have all our ducks in a row so we don’t introduce any more bugs of this severity with our next push. We should have at least one if not 2 pushes in the upcoming week to resolve these issues.

(Thumbs up).

Is it possible to put that in the announcements section so it’s easy to keep on top of things?

Seems like a fair request.

I’m going to wait until I’m back in the office tomorrow so I can talk over the status of each fix with our development team. I don’t want to over promise the time frame of either fix in an announcement and disappoint you guys. :slight_smile:

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