Scheduling for Arduino?

Hi all,

The group has been great with helping me get setup. I’ve since corrected a problem with bad hardware(ESPDUINO) and moved to a LoLin NodeMCU device. It’s been working like a champ! Sensors and Relays working great. However, now that I’m moving to setting up scheduling, I’m not having much luck. Does scheduling work? I’ll set a relay to turn on, say 5min from now… and when the time comes, I don’t get the requested action from the relay.

Any ideas? I didn’t see anything in the FAQ for this. Older searches show that scheduling didn’t work then… is it still broken or is it working now? It would be great to have a timer option as well.

I just tested turning a light on and off with an ESP-12e and it worked. I did notice that I had to choose Timezone (default) as the timezone and my actual time zone in the drop down did not work. If I used my timezone from the dropdown it just kept giving me a warning that I can’t schedule in the past. Seems like there’s still some bugs with timezones in scheduling so I’ll change the category to bugs.

Thanks Adam. I did experiment with the timezone bit as well and received the same error you did when selecting my timezone( which made me wonder if the IOT server was using UTC or not.)

I haven’t tried the default timezone as I thought I had to select my appropriate zone(my fault). I’ll try that tonight and see how it goes.

Keep up the great work!

OK, scheduling does work if leaving timezone as default. I’ll stick with that for now. Thanks.

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