Arduino UNO + SIM808 Module v3.2 Connection

I used sim808 module and i faced a problem in connection with arduino .
I use this code

but it’s giving me this error.

[0] Initializing modem
[10667] Cannot init
[10667] Waiting for network
[60813] Register failed

Any one can help me ??

Have you tried the basic tiny GSM library code and checked whether you are connect the device. and rule out the possibility of some issue with your sim.

I solved the problem. but it giving me new error.

[0] Initializing modem
[103] Waiting for network
[142] connecting to GPRS
[1934] not Connected

are you powering the SIM from a different power supply.

yeah, I power the module with 12v 2A

can you verify if this code is working for your device TinyGSM/MqttClient.ino at master · vshymanskyy/TinyGSM · GitHub

My problem was solved by changing the sim card.
Thank you :heart:

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