Arduino uno wifi


HI All question I recently
Apologies in advance for not strictly asking a Cayenne I recently purchased a new Arduino uno wifi programmer it’s the new one with the wifi on board
I was able to connect it to the internet since updating the firmware I can no longer connect to the wifi I can still download basic sketches and they work on the board
I have posted on the Aruinous forum so far no replies
Is ithe it possible in anyway to return the uno wifi the factory settings to the settings when I first purchased the Arduino or to the original firmware
I have downloaded Arduino 1.8.1
I would greatly appreciate in help from the community
Thanks oldvolt


Hi @jsmcaveety, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

No worries about the non-Cayenne specific question, we’re actually interested in fostering more general IoT / maker / Arduino discussion here, platform-related or otherwise. So thank you for helping us to achieve that goal! :slight_smile:

I’ve not flashed this board myself, but it looks like has a big guide with 4 options on re-flashing the Arduino UNO WiFi’s firmware to one of your choosing:


Thanks for the prompt reply I have already tried this is updated the firmware to version 3 of the esp8267
However all I can connect to are the serial ports I don’t get the option of the ip address which are pictured in the instructions
I even changed the idea to version I. 7.10 as this was the version used in the instructions even when I went into the proamers in ideal and highlighted esp8266 other
I don’t know if I have messed up the board
However rsiegel I cannot thank you enough for the trouble you have taken to help myself resolve the issue
Much appreciated
Kind regards