Arduino YUN and Cayenne for the analisys of quality light

About This Project

I’ve used an Arduino YUN and the new IoT platform Cayenne for monitoring the quantity and the quality of light.

I’ve a friend that grows up chiles. He talk me about the importance of temperature, light and soil Ph. An important aspect of cultivation is the quality of light. The quality, like the composition of colors waves. I’ve created an IoT app that analyse the component of light. This project analyse the singles colours of light. One sensor for RED, one for GREEN and one for BLUE. That sensor print the value on the cluod, and my friend can read this values with her smartphone anytime, and anywhere. This is possible by using Cayenne IoT. Cayenne is a awesome platform that allows the creation of IoT projects like this. See the official site on

See the tutorial on Instructables: Arduino YUN + Cayenne = Quality of Light : 5 Steps - Instructables
See the project on Arduino + Cayenne = Light Quality Monitoring -

What’s Connected


Arduino Yun × 1
Photo resistor × 3
USB-A to B Cable × 1
Breadboard (generic) × 1
Software apps and online services

Arduino IDE

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project


Cool project, thanks for posting!


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Very cool, and how appropriate to use Cayenne for a pepper-themed project. You’re out in the lead in my book, being a bit of a chile aficionado :slight_smile:

So can I ask, what colors of light are you/your friend looking for when growing chiles? Does it change by the variety of the plant? (i.e. do Jalepenos desire the same color light as say, a Serrano?)

Well! I ask to my friend! :slight_smile: