Arduino Yun Trigger issues

Arduino Model: Arduino Yun

When I add a new trigger from the drop down box below:

I notice that the Analog values to use as a trigger are not correct. They range from 0 to 1 rather than 0 to 1023. From what I can tell, the value of “1” does not equate to 1023.

Once the trigger is created, I would have expected the trigger title to appear as a sub-heading to the Arduino Yun, because that trigger related to that board specifically. And at first I thought there was no way of getting back to the summary page of triggers, but have since learned that you can get to the trigger summary page by clicking on the “User menu” button. This is not intuitive.

However, if you create a project, then the “triggers and alerts” menu heading becomes visible near the top of that project. This is much better.

If you want to delete multiple triggers from the triggers & alerts page, you have to go into each one, and select delete trigger (a two step process). Would be good if you could select a check box, and delete selected triggers from the summary page, or just provide an icon to allow people to delete the triggers in one step.

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This also happens with an Arduino UNO with Ethernet shield.

Hey Scott,

First off, thanks for posting such informative issue posts. Really helps Cayenne team get started right away on fixes.

Issues 1 & 2 will be fixed. Issue 3, while I totally agree with you, would be lower priority for a UI update to get released compared to other tasks. I’ll update this post when issues are resolved.


Issue 1 should be fixed now.