Arduino YUN WiFi support


I am currently using Cayenne for my project on my Arduino UNO + WiFi Shield and I must say I love it. I would like to continue using it, however, my shield is not working properly and for that purpose, I was planning to an Arduino YUN for WiFi + SD Card support.

But before I do that, I wanted to confirm if the support for WiFi is available in Arduino YUN board. The ‘add new’ selection doesn’t mention anything related to Yun WiFi.


Hi @shelatp,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! I’m glad you love it. We’re looking for feedback on the Arduino experience, so if you encounter any issues and have Ideas / Suggestions let us know!

Yep Arduino Yun WiFi support is available. Make sure you use the Arduino Yun WiFi example in your Arduino IDE. Let us know how it goes!


I’m hopeful that my ESP12-E works. Arriving in the mail in another week-

Several of us have the ESP8266 working with no issues. I personally have added the 12E with no issues, so you should be fine.

@HighTech @ats1080s yep, and we’re working on releasing the UI for the ESP8266 as well. For now, you’ll have to add an Arduino device but use the physical ESP8266.


Another quick question.

I was browsing the community and found several posts which suggests there is support for ESP8266. I would like to know if that support is also available for ESP8266-based WiFi shield to be mounted on Arduino?


:slight_smile: Well, I’m gonna make my “remote I/O” PC board
as small as friggin’ possible!

I don’t care what device I have to use. For now, it looks like the Esp-12E has what I need- SPI bus, working WiFi, and GPIO pins.
I REQUIRE (2) 125Vac relays, AND
(4) GPIO inputs.
I don’t care WHAT I use, as long as it suits my purposes.

-and let’s not forget that I’m also gonna make
an ANALOG “4 input”, 2 relay version, too.
I need my analog inputs…
so I’ll need the SPI bus for a MCP3004

I’m hopeful that this group will make that wonderful drag/drop interface as good as the Pi GUI interface by the time my PC design is complete.

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oh- the Esp12-E requires an Arduino 8266? :confused: That’s not good!

I just installed/learned PUTTY a few months ago.
I installed Notepad++

I was under the impression I could download a small WiFi connect program into the Esp-12E (via Tx and Rx)/USB FTDI adapter, -using PUTTY,
load the Esp-12E utilities,
-then PUTTY over to the Esp-12Es’ WiFi IP
and load a program in the Esp12-E’s native tongue…

The Serial/USB interface only requires Tx and Rx (flipped) and Ground- to do initial programming, and download any “alternative” languages or packages that may be needed.
I bought:

and 1
and 1

Hey- I’m a hardware engineer, not a programmer… :confused:
-any help is appreciated and so very welcome!