AT controlled ESP8266 by Arduino UNO ht22

Hello y have the standard project temperture, humidity, relays and lights control with arduino uno and i want to monitor and may be control with Cayenne. I have an ESP8266 controlling with AT command from arduino Uno.

Can i Use Cayenne with this configuration. I can use serial AT commands to sent data to a specified ip address like this two projects on, but I would like to do this with Cayenne.

Is it possible without programming esp8266 standalone?.


It is possible. There are a couple ways to do it, and I won’t recommend the best one until I try it.

It uses the BlynkSimpleShieldEsp8266.h, the software serial library, and some function modifications to pass the serial port handle.

I’ve seen more generic implementations though, and want to try and get that working this weekend now that I am done travelling.



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I’d sure like to see the Esp12-e GPIOs resolved.
I had to “modify” my Esp12-e Quad Relay PC board
to use GPIO 12, 2, 4 and 5 as outputs.
I’m still unable to address GPIO 13, 14 and 16.
Bummer 4 me. :frowning:

Set them as virtual, Bill.

I am sure the other ESP pins will be supported once the ESP is supported.



…I’m positive, -sure beyond doubt…
that that makes sense to a programmer.
It’s greek to me.
post code, please- show me?
I’m slow…

I’ve got (5) Esp12-e units online right now, -and they’ve been online for at least 2 weeks.
Sofar, so good.

You should be able to see my devices on your server.
I have them all hooked to a dedicated +12V power supply.
I measured temperatures, particularly the +12V ALE relays.
They’re operating cool as can be expected!

If you look, you can see that these Allie circuits are 1st generation design.
I had to “add” the orange colored 10K pullup resistor packs
to the bottom of the PC board.
The latest generation includes the 10K pullup resistor pack on the top.

The AllieQUAD has a resistor soldered to it’s bottom.
I bypassed the on-board resistors, and instead,
replaced them with resistors routed to the needed GPIO pins- 2, 4, 5 .
12 already worked.
I didn’t put pullup resistors on the QUAD,
primarily because it’s intended to be an output device.
This “may” change.

I am just a moderator, Bill, but I know the ESP devices are not officially supported - I just hacked it together :stuck_out_tongue:

What I am saying is that once they are officially supported, I’m sure all the nitpicks will be fixed. In the meanwhile, you can support your I/O without re-wiring by using the virtual functions.



Ya. good. I try to figure it out- I see “virtual” is a choice when making a widget device on the HTML.

I shall keep my posted Esp12-e AllieQuad posted, unchanged!

-you should have a few to play with :slight_smile:

are as a GOD!:eyeglasses: